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What We do

Swosti is the first Mobile Apps based micro finance management system in Bangladesh. Unlike other existing applications, Swosti-mfi247 is ONLINE from the day one (again, FIRST in the country!). This system will automate NGO’s all micro credit programs reducing field-staffs and making monitoring process more EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE. GURANTEED!

  • First ONLINE, Mobile-Apps based complete Micro-Credit & Savings Management Application in Bangladesh
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) system implementation to prevent inserting unnecessary data and wrong entries
  • Calculation is fully automated and capable of creating pdf reports without typing a single word
  • Can records day to day financial activities in electronic format
  • Produces management monitoring reports at required frequencies
  • Because of The robustness and flexibility, the system capable of fulfilling 99% requirements of any micro financial organization’s requirements with life time support

We developed & implemented 'Swosti-mfi247' prototype with branches of DSK (Dustha Shasthya Kendra) as a complete, automated and online Micro-credit & Savings Managment Application for MFIs in the country. Currently the system is running in couple of NGO-MFIs in Bangladesh.

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Our Technologies

We think about your financial situation that’s why we have developed our whole system using the most secured platform for financial application that can be achieved with lowest possible costs. We have developed mobile application that runs in any android mobile phones. We have made sure that the application works even classic versions of android so it can be run in old android devices. We have improvised Vaadin technology in our web application. We focus on making it user friendly along with simplicity. We use native language in our web application, so anyone can understand.

With fine-tuned synchronization between our Swosti web and android application, we fulfill our client’s most primary need, Flexibility.

We have also injected one classic technology in Swosti that make sure even without smart phone our service can be achievable. As long as you have mobile number and an account in our system, you can get the service even with simple texting (sms). That’s why our services can reach anywhere in Bangladesh as long as you have a mobile phone or a computer with internet within your reach.

Our Milestones

mBillionth Award

Winner in m-Business & Commerce/Banking section, Delhi, India


Opening Ceremony

BB Governor Dr. Atiur Rahman inaugurated Swosti