Jagoroni Bohumukhi Sangstha (JBS)

Jagoroni Bohumukhi Sangstha (JBS) is a non-government organization, which operates in Gaibandha District.   Since its’ establishment, it has kept working on development of socio-economic status of the underprivileged and disadvantaged people through motivation. JBS focuses on sustainable development programs through community participation.

JBS’ objectives are given below:

  • Ensuring people’s empowerment by their active participation in creating employment opportunities through various income-generating activities and utilizing local resources (material and human) to uplift the financial status of the local community.
  • Creating awareness to increase literacy rate through various formal and non-formal education methods.
  • Encouraging the practice of savings among the unprivileged & ruler people through group formation among themselves
  • Promoting the continuous development of health status among the community by being hygienic for using safe and clean water for drinking and household chores and compulsory usage of sanitary latrines to prevent the occurrence of  fetal diseases.
  • Creating consciousness about disaster preparedness in the community and awareness for sustainable development in the agriculture sector for urban people.
  • Establishing democratic balance within the community and individual families for both males and females to fight against women’s exploitations, child labor, dowry, and discouragement for having family planning.
  • Arranging training programs to improve individuals’ skills and enrich self-confidence for the employees and the service recipients of JBS
  • Arranging different cultural activities to increase social consciousness through delivering messages on various aspects of life

On 28th March 2023, Md. Sharifur Rahaman, executive director of JBS has decided to launch its’ microcredit program by using Swosti-mfi247 software because he did not want to give extra time in microcredit’s manual reporting system by causing difficulties in JBS’s existing operation.  Swosti Ltd. feels glad to be partnered with Jagoroni Bohumukhi Sangstha (JBS) and wishes rapid success for Mr. Md. Sharifur Rahaman and JBS’ by using Swosti-mfi247 Software.