People’s Rights

Peoples’s Rights started its journey with blood donation awareness program among its local community and later engaged itself in alleviating various social issues or problems. Their activities for example, include providing medical treatment for rural people, arranging food relief for impoverished people, and increasing awareness of the social injustice towards women etc. The Executive Director Mr. Tarek Mihir is holding the stearing wheel of this NGO and under his supervision and guidance, this NGO received a certificate of recognition from MRA and stepped into the movement of poverty alleviation and socio-economic development of rural people. To run smoothly as an MFI, on 15th January 2023 People’s Rights signed an agreement with Swosti Ltd. to implement ‘Swosti-MFI247‘, 1st Mobile based, fully-automated Micro-credit & Savings Management Application for its Microfinance Operation. Swosti Ltd. expresses its’ heartfelt gratitude to People’s Rights for choosing us as the partner of the People’s Rights progressive journey.