Noor Ullah

Social and Cultural Development Foundation (SCDF)

SOCIAL & CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (SCDF) is a non-government voluntary development organization, which is working with and for the disadvantaged community to improve the quality of livelihoods through participatory methods of utilizing available resource mobilization. On  23rd November 2022,  SCDF  signed an agreement with Swosti Ltd. for implementing ‘Swosti-MFI247‘, 1st Mobile based, fully-automated Micro-credit & …

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Uttara Kollan Society.

Uttara Kollan Society (UKS) is one of the oldest cooperatives in Uttara Model City, Dhaka. It is registered in 2004 by the department of the cooperative. UKS was previously taking software service from another company but after seeing the presentation of SWOSTI’s representative, they were impressed by seeing the convenience of using this software, and …

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